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february summarized

I broke my personal record for Wim Hof breathing today.

The end of each of the four rounds of breathing is followed by a breath hold after exhaling. Today I reached 2 minutes and 37 seconds. The breathing is followed by cold body therapy; typically a five minute cold shower. To celebrate my record breath hold, I stripped down and laid down in deep snow and partially buried myself. I stayed in the snow for about a minute then hopped into a cold shower. It felt warm compared to the snow!

We had a fife and drum practice at a friend’s house. It’s nice to catch up with friends and try out some new tunes. Rudimental field drumming is good for my soul.

We’ve been heating and cooking with our big Kitchen Queen wood cook stove. We have a steep 1000 foot driveway which makes it challenging to get a fuel oil truck up here during winter.