putnam hill moments a place for my stuff

illusion of time

Einstein asserts time is an illusion.


I heard a Rose-breasted Grosbeak the other day.

march reflection

My Wim Hof breathing journey continues.

leaking localhost links

I found out the hard way that it’s easy to commit the _site folder after serving it locally.


My favorite breakfast lately is a hard boiled egg.

february summarized

I broke my personal record for Wim Hof breathing today.

publish jekyll on a personal website

It is done. I made myself a blog! A work in progress, but a big foot in the door.

wim hof breathing

I started Wim Hof breathing today.

cold therapy

I tried cold body therapy today. It was cold but the results were amazing!


Dear Mansfield, I’ve enjoyed our time together.

running with wild turkeys

Some joggers joined me on my run this morning.

the world turned upsidedown

the demolition of my world

apple in the road

apple in the road

southward bound

Geese heading south

harvest moon run

Had a nice pre-dawn harvest moon jog this morning.